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The 3rd International Symposium on Aquaculture and Fisheries Education (ISAFE3), a triennial event of the Asian Fisheries Society (AFS), is being organized by the ICAR-Central Institute of Fisheries Education (CIFE), Mumbai, India in collaboration with the Indian Fisheries Association (IFA) and Asian Fisheries Society Indian Branch (AFSIB) at CIFE, Mumbai, India during 16-18 May, 2018. The theme of ISAFE3 is "Fisheries Education for Sustainable Blue Economy".

The AFS, a non-profit Scientific Society, is promoting networking and co-operation in fisheries and aquaculture sector for higher production, research and development in Asia since 1984. ICAR-CIFE is the only National Fisheries University of India catering to the higher education needs of this sector and producing quality human resource, including researchers, academicians, managers, entrepreneurs and policy makers, since 1961. The Symposium is supported by several national and international educational and research institutions.

Submission of Abstract:
1st November 2017 - 30th April 2018

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1st November 2017 - 30th April 2018

Report of concluding session

World aquaculture has witnessed tremendous growth since last 50 years and is also expected to be a potential sector in future for providing quality protein to the ever-increasing human population. Aquaculture in freshwater and marine environments provides about 45% of the total fish production, of which about 60% comes from freshwater aquaculture. It is expected that the dependence on aquaculture sector would grow further in years to come. Besides increasing production and productivity, there have been several other goals posed before the sector, which include ensuring quality and safe produce, environmental sustainability, increasing export, and above all increasing farmers' income. In this endeavour, it is necessary that all the stakeholders associated with the sector are well-informed and sensitized with the latest available knowledge and wisdom. Quality human resource development through formal and informal education, therefore, is of paramount importance for taking the fisheries and aquaculture sector to meet the challenges posed from time to time.

The present Symposium will discuss issues highlighted during ISAFE2 at Shanghai Ocean University, Shanghai, China and on-going issues pertaining to the fisheries education in Asia-Pacific region. It is expected that harmonization of fisheries education across the Asia-Pacific region will enable easy mobility of researchers and students leading to wider job opportunities. This will make the sector attractive for young talent, promote technology and entrepreneurship development. The deliberations during the symposium will provide a direction to fisheries education for "Sustainable Blue Economy".

Lead Presentations

Distinguished educators and scientists from all over the globe, particularly from the Asia-Pacific region, will deliver keynote address and lead lectures on different aspects of aquaculture and fisheries education during ISAFE3.

Symposium Topics

A comprehensive list of topics is under consideration for presentations during ISAFE3.

Official Language

English will be the official language of the symposium. All presentations, including oral and poster papers, must be in English.


AFS, Malaysia | ICAR-CIFE, Mumbai | IFA, Mumbai | AFSIB, Mangalore


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